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Kingmaker is a four book series by author Toby Clements, set in one of my favourite periods of history, the Wars of the Roses. We follow the story of our two main characters Thomas and Katherine who are repeatedly dragged into the ongoing and recurring conflicts and various political plots. As noblemen and Kings strive for power in 15th century England.

I loved the variations in the battles described in the books. The reader experiences some through the eyes of those watching from afar, whilst others we are in the thick of the bloodshed and gruesome horror both during and in the chaotic aftermath of a medieval rout. The small more complex details of surgeries and wounds inflicted only adds to the gripping nature of the novels.

The themes of love, revenge and fear run strongly through all four books. It’s a real rollercoaster of emotions for the reader with many heart in mouth moments along the way! Our main characters are brilliantly developed throughout, importantly for me, the main characters, Thomas and Katherine are excellently portrayed as just normal people trying to make the best of their lives. Their epic struggle and desire for revenge leads them into situations they could never have imagined. It’s thoroughly refreshing to me that they are not simply developed into being the perfect heroes saving the day etc. Alongside happiness and love there is also heartbreak and often the strong feeling that violence and dark times lurk only around the corner.

Clements’ passion for the period really shines through, and the interesting and cunning side plots are always rearing their heads at unexpected moments which both shock and keep the reader turning the pages. The way Clements keeps you engaged right until the very end is magnificent as I found myself desperate to know the conclusion to the various plots running throughout the series.

In summary… I couldn’t put this down! This perfect for any fans of historical fiction!


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I’m a history graduate with a passion for the past and a good novel!

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